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Taverham Mill Fishery

Taverham Mill Fishery is set on the outskirts of Taverham, situated approx 5 miles outside of the historic city of Norwich. The fishery is set in approximately 100 acres of fabulous norfolk countryside and boasts 4 lakes and 3/4 mile of the famous river Wensum.

Taverham Mill Lake
This lake is approximately 23 acres, and is irregularly shaped with several islands and back channels. In the summer, the lake is covered by expansive patches of lilies, which always hold lots of carp, along with beds of Canadian pondweed, gravel bars and plateaux, depths range from a few inches to 10 feet.

Taverham lake has gone from strength to strength over the last few seasons. Alan’s Leather has been the biggest carp to grace the banks this season with commons approaching 30lb. The tench are stacking on weight all the time and we regulary have reports of 9lb fish. Season tickets are limited on this lake so ensure you get yours as soon as possible for the new season or alternatively fish on a day or 24hr ticket.

The boardwalk has bedded in nicely now and provides much better access to the lake and reserve.

Last winter has seen a significant stocking with over 100 carp being added to Taverham Lake, at an average of 10lb, this coming winter will see an additional 30 carp being stocked into the venue, mostly commons this time and again at an average weight of 10lb

Costessey Pit – No. 1
This lake is approximately 4 acres and is well known locally as a good silver fish venue, although a few Common Carp also inhabit the lake. This lake just gets more popular each year with our regulars, as the easy parking and few blank sessions make this a great float fishing lake.

Costessey Pit – No. 2 (Ski Lake)
As its name suggests, this lake is shared with a local water-skiing club. The lake contains several known Carp which top 30lb, best known fish this year being a fully-scaled carp weighing 36lb. The lake is a long rectangle in shape approximately 15 acres, with a good selection of bars and plateaux within it. With the skiing the lake fishes best after dark, but if targeting the carp be wary of the type of ground-baits used as the lake has a prolific head of bream residing in it. Top-tip: Don’t ignore the margins as the carp regularly frequent them.

This lake is also well known for Pike. Spinning always produces Jack Pike while dead bait can bring in fish above the 20lb mark.

Costessey Pit – No. 3
A 5 acre lake in a very mature setting with trees and vegetation all around. The average depth is 12ft and the water is very very clear. In the summer the lake can get very weedy. Though difficult to fish, this lake has produced Carp to almost 40lb, though patience and persistence will be required to catch one of these.

Photo of Taverham Mill Fishery

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Contact information

Taverham Mill Fishery

Tel: 01603 861014



Taverham Mill Day Ticket (2rod) – £10
Taverham Mill 24hr Ticket (2rod) – £20
Taverham Mill Season Ticket (3rod) – £220
River Wensum Season Ticket (3rod) – £199
Costessey Number 1&2&3 24hr (3rod) – £100
Costessey daylight 1&2 (3rod) – £45

Opening hours

No opening times have been specified.


  • Night fishing
  • Tackle shop
  • On-site toilets
  • On-site accommodation


  1. Taverham Mill Lake & Costessey lakes season permit excludes the river Wensum.
  2. Night fishing is permitted on Taverham & Costessey lakes 1 & 2 by 24 hour and season permit holders and those who have booked accommodation at Taverham Mill lodge. Juniors under 18 must be accompanied by an adult when night fishing.
# Daylight season permits for Costessey lakes exclude fishing on Taverham Mill Lake & the river Wensum.
  1. Fishing on Costessey No1 Lake is restricted to designated swims along road edge only.
  2. A maximum of two rods may be used at any one time on Day/24hr ticket, 3 Rods maximum to lakes season ticket holders accompanied by the appropriate Environment Agency license.
  3. All fish must be returned alive to the water with the exception of Catfish, which must be retained and given to the fishery manager. Removal or movement (from one water to another) of any fish is forbidden and will result in prosecution.
  4. No rods with baits in the water to be left unattended. Any rods deemed by fishery bailiffs to be improperly attended will be wound in.
  5. Wire traces are compulsory when pike fishing and the use of pike gags are prohibited.
  6. Live baits, and any feed designed for livestock or other animals (i.e. Pig pellet) are prohibited.
  7. All particle baits must be prepared properly i.e. pre-packed from reputable suppliers. (Not home cooked)
  8. Carp may be kept in a sack for a short time while preparing for Photography and weighing.
  9. Unhooking mats must be used for all lake and river fishing at Taverham & Costessey.
  10. No use of boats or baitboats.
  11. No swimming is allowed.
  12. No Fires are allowed. Gas stoves and burners are permitted.
  13. Bivvies are not permitted on the riverbank.
  14. Please keep the lakes tidy & take your litter home.
  15. No removal, cutting back, of trees bushes etc.
  16. You may leave tackle set up in a swim unattended for a maximum of 3 hours in order to get more supplies etc.
  17. Alcohol is permitted on the fishery in moderation only, anybody being a nuisance due to being intoxicated or under the influence of drugs will be banned immediately.

Any infringement of the above rules will result in a written warning being issued to the angler concerned together with a ban of 1-month duration. Any further infringement will result in a complete ban. Any infringement of rules 6, 13 or 20 will result in an immediate lifetime ban from all the waters on the complex.

Species stocked

  • Barbel
  • Bream (Common)
  • Carp (Mirror)
  • Carp (Ghost)
  • Carp (Common)
  • Catfish
  • Chub
  • Eel
  • Gudgeon
  • Perch
  • Pike
  • Roach
  • Rudd
  • Tench

Suitable for

  • Coarse fishing
  • Carp/Specimen fishing
  • Pike/Predator fishing