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Swangey Lakes

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Me and the boy had a good session well proud of him be bak soon

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Contact information

NR17 1XJ

Tel 1: 07716888744
Tel 2: 07564191060


Main lake
24 hours up to 3 rods– £15
Day ticket up to 3 rods– £10

Match lake
24 hoursup to 2 rods – £12
Day ticket up to 2 rods– £7

Carp fishing on the Pike lake

24 hours £15 for up to 3 rods
Day ticket £10 for up to 3 rods

Pike fishing on the Pike lake

24 hours £15 for up to 3 rods
Day ticket £10 for up to 3 rods

Opening hours

7am – 9pm BST

7am - 7pm winter period


  • Disabled access
  • Night fishing
  • Tackle shop
  • Food and drink available
  • On-site toilets




  • This is a day ticket water and fishing can commence as soon as you purchase your ticket from the Food Van. 
  • No moving swims without first informing Angie on the Food Van so she can alter your ticket accordingly.
  • No driving on grass when wet.
  • No driving around the lake to unload your gear.
  • No driving around after dark.
  • Do not fish the stock pond.
  • Up to 3 rods only are allowed and you must have appropiate EA Licence to cover these.
  • No carp, pike or catfish to be retained in sacks during daylight hours.
  • Fish sacked overnight must be released at first light or maximum 5hrs.
  • Landing nets minimum size of 40" must be used at all times for large species.
  • Large Unhooking mats ideally cradles must be used at all times.
  • Medi-carp or equivulent must be used to treat hook holes and any other cuts on fish.
  • Permanent fixed leads/rigs are not allowed.
  • No wire tracers or trebbles are allowed.
  • No free lining allowed.
  • No eagle-claw hooks to be used.
  • No keepnets to be used on main and pike lake unless in a match and supplied by the complex.
  • Dead baits brought to the complex can only be used if purchased from a licenced supplier.
  • No removal, transfering,killing or eating of fish at any times.
  • All fish must be returned to the lakes unharmed.
  • Pike fishing is only allowed between Oct 1st to March 1st.
  • For island booking phone 07564191060.
  • Pre-booking only to fish the island on the pike lake.
  • Saving of swims is not allowed.
  • Dogs must be kept under control at all times.
  • No swimming, fires, drugs or heavy drinking allowed.
  • This is a privatley owned fishery, please respect others around you, keep noise and light to a minimum.
  • Spot checks will be carried out throughout the day, if rules are broken you will be asked to leave immediately with no refund.
  • Do not leave rods unattended at any time.


  • No nuts allowed
  • All particules must be soaked and cooked properly.
  • Halibut pellets to be used as hook bait only.


  • CARP & PIKE LAKE ANGLERS £10 for the day up to 3 rods. £15 for 24 hours up to 3 rods.
  • SMALL LAKE £7 for the day up to 2 rods. £12 for 24 hours up to 2 rods.

All Club Matches to be booked through Angie on 07716888744.



FOOD VAN ON SITE, For lone anglers food and drinks can be delivered to your swims on request . BAIT AND TACKLE ARE ALSO AVAILABLE FROM ANGIE.


Species stocked

  • Bream (Common) (upto 12lbs 8oz)
  • Bream (Silver)
  • Carp (Mirror) (upto 37lbs 10oz)
  • Carp (Ghost)
  • Carp (Common) (upto 37lbs)
  • Carp (Crucian)
  • Catfish (upto 80lbs)
  • Eel (upto 7lbs 8oz)
  • Perch
  • Pike (upto 30lbs)
  • Roach
  • Rudd
  • Tench (upto 14lbs 8oz)

Suitable for

  • Coarse fishing
  • Carp/Specimen fishing
  • Pike/Predator fishing
  • Match fishing